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Eko+ Series

Real-Time Recording [email protected]

User-Friendly Interface

Remote Internet Monitoring

PTZ Control

Multi Channel Playback

On-Board DVD Writer Back-Up

Easy Remote or Mouse Control

H264 Compression

Easy Back-up 

Developed on the basis of the latest technologies, Eko+ Series DVR has the advanced H.264 video encoding and decoding standard and maintains high performance rock-solid reliability and longer recording service time. The Eko+ can be used as a standalon video survelance product as well as to build a powerful surveillance network which is suitable for home or small-scale business applications.

Live CCTV Images on Your Mobile*.

Remote Internet Monitoring.

Max Series

Available 8 or 16 Channels

Up to 16 Tb

Priority HDD Managment

Loopthrough Outputs

Duplicate Drive Recording

Simultaneous Multi-Channel Playback

D1 Recording 25FPS All Channels

File Lock

Intelligent Recording.

The Max is perfect for high-end retail and public sector installations. The new Max DVR boasts all the extra features of the Hybrid has but without the capability for IP cameras.

Instant Detective is a great feature for recordings captured in busy public spaces such as stations or airports as it can be used to limit the time spent by an operator or the police reviewing hours of recorded footage.

XS Series 4-Channel DVR

Real Time Recording All Channels

USB Backup

PTZ Control

Remote Internet Monitoring

Mobile Phone Connection*

D1 Resolution

Easy Remote or Mouse Control

H264 Compression

Multi-Channel Playback

POD Series

* For compatible phone models.