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Increase the security of your home or workplace with the installation of discreet covert cameras.

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Smoke Head

Cleverly designed covert CCTV camera housed in a ceiling-mount smoke/heat detector. Hi-res 600TVL with a 3.7mm conical pinhole lens and down or side view selectable.

Covert colour with IR LEDs and audio

A colour covert camera built into a PIR detector case for covert use. The camera board has Hi-res 600TVL with a 3.7mm conical pinhole lens that fits snugly into a tiny hole in the front of the PIR case. This PIR has audio and hidden behind the milk window is a IR LED.


High resolution covert camera module with on screen display for mirror, privacy & motion detect functions. The light sensitivity of the NiteDevil is so good that it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions making it ideal for dark and low light applications.

This miniature module comes as standard with a 3.7mm cone pinhole lens and includes a free fixing bracket.

Colour Module w/ Bolt Lens

This miniature colour module measures only 22 x 26mm and is great for building into enclosures or the structure of a building for discrete covert surveillance. The 4.3mm pinhole lens has been cleverly disguised as a bolt-head so the module can easily be mounted behind wall panels or on any enclosure where a bolt might be used. For easy fixing the lens can be unscrewed from the main module and refitted once the module has been positioned behind the surface with a 8mm drilled hole as shown in the diagram. The lens/bolt can then be screwed by hand back onto the module. The whole module weighs only 9 grammes

and can easily be fitted to a flat surface with the fixing pads provided.

Sprinkler CAM 3.7MM COL 600TVL

Cleverly designed covert CCTV camera housed in a ceiling-mount water sprinkler. With a 3.7mm lens this is ideal for covert use in offices, shops and businesses.


A covert CCTV camera housed in a traditional wall clock with an attractive wood effect frame. A hi-res 550TVL with a 3.7mm conical pinhole lens, ideal for use in offices and shops.